Change Management

If You Can Read, You Can Lead!

January 25, 2023
How to unlock the untapped leadership capacity in your organization A recent study reported that more than 70% of executives surveyed rated lack of leadership capacity as their top workforce concern for 2023. In the wake of the pandemic, the "great resignation" and the "big quit", it’s understandable. Here's some good news! There is a […]

Employee Teams? I’m Already Overloaded!

July 14, 2022
Let’s face it, the pandemic honeymoon is over. Leaders are quickly coming to the realization that treading in place is no longer a viable strategy. Improve and innovate are back on the table! But as leaders dust off their change management playbooks, too many will follow a formula that invariably leads to slower, and less […]

Blue Slips

April 26, 2022
Is your organization leveraging the most powerful tool ever invented for engaging employees in change and improvement? Nearly a century ago, a young professor at the University of Southern California was faced with a vexing challenge: How do I engage my students to go beyond simply taking notes and repeating back my lectures to expressing […]

What Took You SO LONG?

March 31, 2022
  Reflections on the simplest, yet hardest to execute leadership action for unlocking better performance A colleague recently shared a story that’s likely all too familiar to professionals in the change and improvement game. The CEO of a global diversified manufacturing firm implemented an organization-wide transformation effort to improve customer satisfaction and reduce operating costs. Two […]

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