IMPACT PRICING & Installation

Easy to Get Started, Affordable to Scale

Get started now delivering faster and better results on your continuous improvement, change management, and strategy execution initiatives while developing skills and improving the culture. Leap Academy provides complete support for ensuring smooth installation and rapid results. Most clients recoup their initial investment within six months of installation.
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Platform Installation

Everything needed launch, deploy and hardwire IMPACT into your organization
  • Installation plan development, scheduling, and installation of the IMPACT Platform for first campaign deployment
  • Facilitated IMPACT Campaign Planning Meeting with senior leaders and support staff
  • Team Leader Orientation Workshop including online simulation and charter development for initial deployment
  • One-to-one coaching for team leaders prior to team launch and prior to team results presentation
  • Mid-Installation Progress Check
  • Team Leader Wrap-Up Workshop to review tools and skills for completing IMPACT Charters and presenting to sponsors and stakeholders
  • Final Lessons Learned Meeting with team leaders and sponsors to share, document best practices, and identify new IMPACT opportunities
  • Training and mentoring for one internal IMPACT Coach
Includes five team subscriptions, complete first campaign support, and training of an internal IMPACT Coach to support expanded deployment.

Additional Team Subscriptions

6+ teams
$975 per team
20+ teams
$825 per team
50+ teams
Contact for enterprise options

Additional Team Training & Coaching

Per team leader for orientation training and up to four coaching sessions

Additional IMPACT Coach Training

Per coach includes complete platform training and mentoring during first deployment

Grow more leadership talent while solving real problems on the one-stop digital platform that works anytime and in any place change and improvement is needed.

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