Everything Needed to Transform Employee Ideas into Results on a Secure Cloud Platform


Precision Guidance for Targeting Where Employee Ideas Can Make a Difference

Senior leaders and support staff log into the IMPACT Enterprise Site to target IMPACT opportunities, track and coach IMPACT Teams, and hone their own change leadership skills.
Identify and prioritize opportunities for launching IMPACT Teams
Learn from the IMPACT Library
View all IMPACT Teams on a single dashboard and access team sites for drilldown on details

A Simple to Follow, Turn-By-Turn Roadmap for Leading IMPACT Teams

IMPACT team leaders log into their personal IMPACT Team Site where a simple roadmap and complete toolkit helps them quickly and effectively put their team’s ideas to work.
Designed for both inexperienced and experienced team leaders alike
Structured for completion in no more than 60 to 90-day timeframes
Built-in coach notes prevent missteps

Team Charter Development Clarifies Expectations and Builds Support

Team leaders use IMPACT’s Planning Module to convert delegated improvement objectives into complete team charters. An automated survey tool allows stakeholders and potential team members to assist in finalizing the Team Charter.
Upfront team leadership readiness assessment
Charter template that ties improvement target to results desired
Easy way to engage stakeholders and anticipate issues prior to launch

Team Launch Gets Team Members Sharing Ideas Immediately

Team leaders launch their teams without burdensome preparation using IMPACT’s unique scripted meeting guides. Turn-by-turn guidance avoids false starts and leads to greater engagement and idea sharing.
Designed for rapid start-up with a 60 minute, fast-paced agenda
Provides a vehicle for anonymous brainstorming and sorting ideas for actionability
Introduces tools to keep teams on track including Parking Lot, Groundrules, Calendar, Team Effectiveness Survey, and Assignments Log

An Ideas-to-Action Process with Built In Checks and Balances

IMPACT teams work over a 60-day or faster timeline to prioritize ideas and implement action plans. Sharing the workload across the team and implementing multiple actions simultaneously gets more done in less time.
Simple prioritization tool focuses teams on ideas that can get results in the time available
Business case template justifies taking action on priority ideas.
Weekly one-hour meetings keep action plans moving forward and team members aligned
“Idea Champion” model ensures all team members contribute to accelerating a priority idea

Easy to Apply Results and Risk Assessment

IMPACT teams complete their work by assessing the impact of their actions on operating performance and financial results, using the platform’s assessment wizards. Teams also assess risk to sustaining results and develop preventions.
Builds business acumen skills
Standardizes results assessment and documentation across teams
Increases executive confidence in employee-driven improvements

Presenting Results that Earn Executive Support and Recognition

IMPACT makes it easy for teams to prepare and present their results with a standard template complete with tables and forms for loading information.
Pre-formatted, but easily tailored
Templated meeting agenda and recommended timing
Provides the opportunity for executive sponsors and stakeholders to recognize the team efforts and results.

Grow more leadership talent while solving real problems on the one-stop digital platform that works anytime and in any place change and improvement is needed.

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