Answers to Commonly Asked Questions

Is IMPACT a training program or a project management tool?

It’s actually both! IMPACT is an all-in-one digital platform for planning, organizing, and leading remote, mixed, and in-person teams. IMPACT is also an action learning program that teaches and reinforces essential skills for leading and contributing in virtual team environments.

We’re already using Teams, Trello, Basecamp (or another collaboration platform). Why add IMPACT?

IMPACT doesn’t replace, but rather complements other online team and project tools by providing a clearly defined roadmap and a complete toolkit for planning and leading any change or improvement team from planning to launch to completion. It’s the practical alternative for new, emerging, and less technology-inclined leaders who don’t have time to development meeting agendas, design forms or templates, and instruct team members on using technology.

What’s the research behind the IMPACT Roadmap and Toolkits?

IMPACT builds on research originally conducted in the 1990s at Toyota, GE, Motorola, Proctor & Gamble, the U.S. Department of Defense and other organizations looking for better methods to engage frontline leaders and employees in large-scale change initiatives. Its predecessor products, Action Workout and Rapid Action, have been deployed in more than 500 organizations and used by thousands of leaders to generate millions in performance improvement.

What’s included in an IMPACT Installation?

IMPACT installations options come with expert support to ensure fast and effective introduction. Support includes internal briefings and demos, installation planning, team leader orientation and training, and one-on-one coaching.

Can I just buy a subscription to use the IMPACT application?

While we are confident in IMPACT’s easy-to-learn design, organizations tell us what they find different and appealing about IMPACT is the fact that it is not simply another optional tool on a leader’s desktop. IMPACT integrates and supports organization strategies for leadership development, employee engagement, strategy execution, and continuous improvement. This is the reason IMPACT installations pay for their cost of installation within a year and typically produce long-term returns many times greater.

How does IMPACT work with audio and video conferencing systems?

IMPACT operates independently of any preferred audio or video conferencing tools. Team simply log into their IMPACT Team Site and are virtually connected. Teams can seamlessly toggle back and forth between IMPACT and a video conferencing platform to share screens and interact face-to-face.

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