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Nearly three decades ago, a small cadre of like-minded changes agents launched Leap Technologies, a consulting and training practice dedicated to helping senior leaders unlock frontline employee know-how and creativity for driving change and improvement. Over the course of its history, Leap Technologies earned the privilege of supporting change initiatives across the globe with hundreds of industry, government, and healthcare provider organizations. Through these engagements emerged a suite of practical toolsets for converting ideas into action and results from managers and employees on the frontlines of change. These innovative, learn-by-doing toolkits, tested and proven with more than 10,000 leaders and teams, are the foundation on which Leap Academy was launched.

By combining proven tools and methods for driving change and improvement with the ease and accessibility of digital platforms, Leap Academy offers its clients better ways to optimize the return on human capital. Our flagship product, IMPACT, provides a simplified roadmap for leading change and improvement that unleashes employee know-how in a single meeting and then guides teams to make improvements within the flow of daily work routines. The result: More engagement, more talent utilization and better results.

Rick Tucci

Founder and Chief Evangelist
Chastised early in his career “as a stone in shoe of senior leaders’’, Rick Tucci has made a career of challenging the status quo in the leadership development, business improvement, and change management fields. From early experiences helping organizations build corporate universities to connect training and development to strategic objectives, Rick gained a deep appreciation for the too often, untapped talent and wisdom resident on the frontlines of work.

With his colleagues at Leap Technologies, the training and consulting firm he founded in 1993, Rick led the development of a suite of action learning toolkits for driving change and improvement, including: Leadership Jumpstart for aligning senior leaders and converting strategic goals into frontline action opportunities; Breakthrough for simplifying the application of Lean, Six Sigma, and Agile methods for process redesign; and, Rapid Action for engaging frontlines teams in the ‘final mile’ of strategy execution.

After retiring from Leap Technologies in 2017, Rick founded Leap Academy to continue the quest for faster and easier methods for unlocking improvement potential at the frontlines. After three years of benchmarking online products, talking to clients about their changing workplaces, and experimenting with approaches in a number of large-scale transformation projects, Rick and his web development team went to work developing a new solution to the challenge of leading frontline change and improvement.

The solution that emerged took inspiration from the power of GPS systems to guide drivers safely and on time to their destinations. The resulting digital platform equips frontline leaders and teams with turn-by-turn guidance, just-when-needed tools, and learn-by-doing skill building for leading change that is designed to be “a breeze to learn and use.” Welcome to IMPACT!

As Chief Evangelist, Rick is passionate about motivating senior leaders to move from talk to action when it comes to supporting frontline engagement. He is also continuously on the prowl for new opportunities to leverage to the power of the digital platforms to combine proven methods that challenging the status quo with real-time learning and doing that gets results and grows talent. Stay tuned …

Grow more leadership talent while solving real problems on the one-stop digital platform that works anytime and in any place change and improvement is needed.

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