Transform Employee Ideas into Results that Matter

IMPACT is the one-stop collaboration software with built-in training and expert coaching for quickly, reliably, and profitably engaging employees in continuous improvement, change management, and strategy execution.
Launches on demand, anytime and anywhere employee ideas are needed
Provides turn-by-turn guidance so no time and effort is wasted
Increase employee engagement and grows leadership talent
Delivers measurable result in 60 days or faster
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Up to 80% of your organization’s potential for improvement is waiting to be unlocked with employee ideas*

But unlocking employee know-how, creativity, and motivation to accelerate results is often too slow, too complicated, too risky, and too frustrating . . . especially in dispersed workplaces.
Of course we want more of our people engaged in our key initiatives, but it’s complicated, expensive, and hard to get a return on investment.
The last time I was asked to join an improvement team it was a colossal waste of time.
- Frontline Employee
I don’t have the time to teach frontline leaders how to lead improvement projects to keep them from going off the rails.
- Middle Manager
* The Idea-Driven Organization-Robinson & Schroeder
Designed for modern workforces

The One Stop Cloud-Based Platform

Not conventional collaboration or project management software
Built on research-backed methods and practical tools that take the mystery out of working in teams
No time wasted getting down the learning curve
Simple-to follow roadmap for converting ideas into action that produces predictably positive and consistent results
Guided by built-in coaching and managed through an enterprise dashboard

Four Keys for Profitably Unlocking Employee Know-How

Our research and experience over 25 years with more than 10,000 employee improvement teams show there is a better way with a proven approach …

Start at the top to avoid false-starts

IMPACT guides senior leaders to identify where employee ideas and involvement are needed most.

Make it efficient and productive for employees to get involved

IMPACT uses quick-tempo, 60 to 90-day teams empowered with achievable improvement targets and simple to understand tools

Set and maintain a fast pace

IMPACT inspires employee engagement by breaking down large, complex initiatives into achievable assignments where their ideas will make a difference.

Guide every step with GPS-like instructions

IMPACT's turn-by-turn approach eliminates the mystery, complication, and hassle from effective frontline team leadership

Value employee ideas and trust frontline wisdom

IMPACT gives employees a safe space for sharing their ideas while giving leaders assurance of results.

Make the process easy and reliable

IMPACT eliminates the mystery, complication, and hassle from employee engagement in continuous improvement, change management, and strategy execution.
Here’s how IMPACT puts these principles into action …

Turn-By-Turn Guidance, Tools, and Coaching that Connect Employee Ideas to Strategic Priorities

1. Senior leaders and coaches target opportunities where employee ideas and actions will accelerate results.

The IMPACT Enterprise Site guides the way for developing the charter, defining team assignments, and selecting team leaders to put employee ideas to work on a key strategic priority.

2. Team leaders recruit their teams and get employee ideas flowing right out of the gate.

The IMPACT Team Site facilitates rapid launch with teams up and running and ready to begin converting ideas into results in 90 minutes or less!

3. Teams transform their best ideas into practical action plans while progress is tracked in real time dashboards.

Weekly one-hour meetings and a standard process keep teams on track to get more done in less time!

4. Teams document their results and present to senior leaders

Teams complete their missions within 60 to 90 days with team members investing no more than two to four hours per week meeting and taking action!

5. Senior leaders, coaches, and team leaders share experiences and roll lessons learned into the next IMPACT Campaign

The IMPACT platform stores team histories making them ready on demand to support the next campaign for transforming employee ideas into better results.

Unlock Employee Ideas to Achieve Key Objectives While Increasing Employee Engagement and Growing Talent

Spreading Best Practices Across the Globe 
in 60 Days

“I was skeptical at first, but quickly saw that IMPACT was a better way to get my team focused and productive right out of the gate.”

Achieving Supply Chain Savings while Maintaining Service Levels

“IMPACT provided everything my teams needed to convert their good ideas into business cases, action plans, and results, all in one place.”

Empowering Frontline Employees to Use Their 

“My people are super busy but very smart. IMPACT gave me a way to tap their know-how and creativity without disrupting daily routines.”
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Get Up and Running Quickly and See Results in 60 Days or Faster

IMPACT is more than conventional collaboration or project management software. It’s a complete ideas-to-results platform with expert installation and coaching support.

Senior Leaders Identify IMPACT Opportunities

We work with your senior leaders using the IMPACT Enterprise Site to target where employee ideas will make a difference on important priorities

Team Leaders 
Get Ready 
to Launch

We train designated leaders on the IMPACT Team Site using an online simulation workshop

Your Leaders Drive Change Results and Build Skills

We mentor your first users and then help you develop your own IMPACT Coaches

Empower your leaders and employees with the 
Turn-By-Turn Collaboration Software for accelerating ideas into results!

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